Ms. Hitch

Mental Toughness Love Coach

Ms. Hitch

Mental Toughness Love Coach

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Danielle Metcalf known as “Ms Hitch” is a Los Angeles-based counselor. She pens her new book The Reasons and Excuses on Why Married Men Cheat. Danielle holds a master’s degree in psychology and is known to many as the “Relationship Game Changer”! She is regarded as the top expert in changing relationships in the lives of married couples, as well as singles. Her book has raised eyebrows of men and women and was the talk of the town before it even hit the streets.
Prior to studying psychology, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in nursing and is a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner. Ms Hitch is an entrepreneur extraordinaire. Her diverse professional background lends itself to having encountered many experiences and has dedicated her life to her purpose and passion—

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