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Mental ``psyche``

Ms. Hitch is known for getting results for her clients. She is not just an informational counselor for individuals to sit and listen to. Instead, she likes to hold a mirror up to clients to help them face there actions, delusions, and habits (both good and bad) to help guide individuals out of a mental delusional state of existence.


Toughness ``Delusional``

Most importantly, Ms. Hitch does not support delusions. Through her “tough” training with clients, she begins with transforming the mind, to transforming the habits, followed by transforming the actions – so it will transform their life. Getting clients into an objective reality and out of your subjective realty is one of the many goals of Ms. Hitch.


LoveCoach ``Ms. Hitch``

Ms. Hitch does not consider herself to be a life coach. She is a Mental Toughness Lovecoach that provides problem solving solutions to individuals on their purpose in life. Showing a client how to love them self first by being honest with oneself is one of many love techniques Ms. Hitch uses to get clients to see a durance in oneself character.


The Hitch Process

  • Registration
  • Intake
  • Consultation
  • Matchmaking

Simply register on our website to begin the process. Ms. Hitch or a member from the Ms. Hitch team will call you within 24 hours to give you our personal touch.

A one on one meeting with your match maker to fully analyze your wants, needs, and desires because it’s all about you and what you want.

Working with Ms. Hitch will motivate you and set you up for Matchmaking success.

We carefully search our profiles to find you your exact match. After each date you will share your experience with Ms. Hitch or a member from her team to evaluate your match in detail.



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Is It A Hitch Or Ditch

Not sure or not if it’s time to end your relationship? Well this #Hitchisode is focused on whether or not a troubled couple is hitch-able or ditch-able and needs to end! If you want to be guided by Ms. Hitch on whether or not “It’s a Hitch or Ditch” situation to your relationship on her World Wide Digital TV Platform, then apply above for chances to be selected.

Marriage Take Over

After the honeymoon is over, couples forget how to keep dating and began to lose their flame. This #Hitchisode is focused on a 5 to 10 year marriage and need Ms. Hitch to help spice things up and fast! If you want Ms. Hitch to do a “Marriage Takeover” and don’t mind being on her World Wide Digital Platform, then apply above for chances to be selected.

911 Bedroom Emergency

All to often, sexual problems are swept under the blanket. It’s an issue that leads to toxic situations that can be prevented. This #Hitchisode is focused on answering the call to the “911 Bedroom Emergency” sex-a-pause syndrome. To be guided by Ms. Hitch on S.E.X. revitalization on her World Wide Digital Platform, then apply above for your chances to be selected.

Sexuality Touch Up

Are you in need of a sexuality makeover or wish that your significant other would keep themselves up to keep your sex drive going? Say no more! This #Hitchisode is focused on a “Sexuality Touchup” from head-to-toe. If you want Ms. Hitch to guide you how to get your grove back on her World Wide Digital Platform, then apply above for chances to selected.

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