Pole Dancing

Yes, it’s true! Ms. Hitch even offers pole dancing lessons too! Ladies, whether you are looking to “get your sexy back,” or simply looking to add to what sex appeal you already possess. This class is sure to be a fantastic experience! Learn the latest sexy moves while staying in shape and most of all having fun!

At your leisure you can choose to enjoy our one-on-one pole dancing lessons or join Ms. Hitch’s awesome pole-dancing group sessions. Imagine bringing the sexiest show ever home to your man… Allow Ms. Hitch to encourage you to take your sexiness to the next level by installing a dance pole in your very own home!

Who knew you could have fun, burn calories, and enhance your sex appeal all at the same time?… Ms. Hitch did!.

Get Hitched

Ms. Hitch would love to have you apart of her pole dancing class. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a class, contact at 855. MsHitch or use the convenient form below.

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