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Infidelity in relationships is as old as time and, despite being frowned upon, remains part of our society. People who have been cheated on can’t help but assign causes to their behaviors and actions that lead their partners to cheat on them. Women are most likely the infidelity victims per various demographics for cheating; therefore, they are often wallowing in self-blame and causal attributions. This book allows them to peek into the minds of men who have cheated on their partners and understand the psychology behind them deciding to cheat.

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MS. Hitch

Lifestyle Love Influencer

Ms.Hitch is the hidden gem of the world that everyone has been waiting for. Specializing in mental toughness coaching, she transforms people’s minds into being world-renowned thinkers, newly able to navigate life with higher thinking. She doesn’t take the traditional therapist route with mother-like advice like some of the other “relationship experts” you see on TV. The unconventional mental toughness coaching she practices includes laughter, excitement, and mental relaxation that turns you into the best version of yourself. Singles, couples, and families love her because of her charisma, tenacity, and her ability to facilitate healing amongst themselves in an intense but nonjudgmental atmosphere. She has a knack for building relationships with people instantly, and not only is her information penetrating, but her energy is impactful and sustaining. With a personality larger than life, her aura is nothing short of infectious. She inspires others and provokes change in others simply by being the fantastic role model that people aspire to mimic. Not only can you learn from her one on one coaching, but you can also get her 5-star tips from her new book “Why Married Men Cheat,” re-releasing soon. Her goal is to not only heal people’s minds from past traumas but to use these stories to showcase to the world and to the people who may be afraid to get help or don’t believe that they need help. Highlighting the beauty of self-love and self-care through a form of therapy and destigmatizing getting mental help because it’s necessary for everyone.

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Book Chapters

Why do Married Men Cheat

Why Married Men Cheat is a series of stories that gives real insight into the minds of men and their reasons for infidelity. Unlike any other text this is real, this is authentic, this holds truth far beyond what I can write because its not my story, it’s theirs and nobody can tell it better than them. I gave these men the floor to share their experiences with raw emotion and raw filters that gives people the highly anticipated answer the star stellar question everyones been asking… Why? I follow up with my own professional intel that provides some guidance to help my readers go about their trials in a different light perhaps to avoid these kinds os disruptions in their future lives and relationships.

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