Ms. Hitch, popularly known as the ‘Lifestyle Love Influencer’ has taken over the nation and is spreading love everywhere she goes! She is on a mission to create a world full of emotionally healthy people and prospering relationships. Ms. Hitch coaches people to have a strong mental capacity to face all the challenges and struggles headstrong!

With over ten years of experience and a lifetime of wisdom reception, Ms. Hitch has successfully acquired the tools that enable her to play the role of relationship game-changer making her people’s champ.

Not only is Ms. Hitch a wonder woman who successfully coaches clients to develop winning mindsets and spread love, but she is also building her billion-dollar business—Hitch Enterprises Inc. It is a long-standing corporation that has branched out into various businesses like Amazon’s #1 Best-selling-books.

Ms. Hitch encourages a lifestyle that promotes empathy and incorporates self-love in everyday affairs. Ms. Hitch brings a new feel to entertainment television, self-help, and therapy on screen. Her spunk and contagious energy allow her to instantly connect with her clients, establishing a comfortable healing environment that is unlike what any other therapist, doctor, or “life coach” can offer.

Hitch Enterprises Inc. is on the rise to becoming the greatest empire there ever has been and is on a mission to change the world one soul at a time.