In order to control your mind and become mentally tough, you will have to fight your demons.  Whether you have repressed thoughts and emotions or are suffering from an unconscious personality, I can guide you every step of the way.

If you’re continually revisiting the past and re-experiencing your trauma, know that you’re not alone. By finding the necessary help, you can let go of the darkness that’s haunting you.

Demons play a massive part in shaping our personality. They can also manipulate our emotions to the point that we create a false reality inside our heads, leading to self-destructive patterns.  With my help and guidance, you can fight your demons and learn how to regulate your mind and emotions to have a happy and peaceful life.

Acceptance & Closure

I know you have suffered and gone through immense pain, but it’s time to let go of your past by confronting your darkness. List down what’s bothering you and say goodbye once and for all.

This technique may not change the past, but it will help you change the narrative. This way, you will no longer remain a passive victim to the story. Take a deep breath and let go of each problem one by one. As you write down the things you need to deal with, you will feel lighter and more accepting of the past. It is quite essential to make peace with your past in order to step into the future.


My secret to successfully fighting off demons is to let go of negative energy by transforming it into something powerful and positive. That anger and sorrow you’re going through are undoubtedly strong enough to affect each decision you make, so why not turn it into something to your benefit? This will also help you become mentally tough as you learn how to control and regulate your emotions. Use this opportunity to discover yourself and explore your strengths.


Now that you have accepted the past and know how to let go of the negative energy, it is time to stop associating yourself with the person you were before. You are a new person who is independent and free.

To completely let go of your demons, you should start trusting yourself rather than relying on others’ opinions. I also recommend detaching yourself from haunting labels you have created to define yourself. For example, if you thought you were a failure, remind yourself of what you achieved and what you still have to achieve. The trick is to reward yourself with positivity and use it as a light to guide you through the darkness.

If you’re looking for more help, I’m available to offer personal advice, but my goal is to help you realize your own potential. With Ms. Hitch, you will learn mental toughness and will be finally able to let go of your demons completely.