How To Find Your Inner Self

Are you feeling disconnected from your inner self? Do you feel anxious because you don’t have any clarity in life? Do you feel like you are running around in circles without a purpose in life? 

As a Mental Toughness Coach, I can understand what you’re going through. I get that you’re tired and overwhelmed with all that’s happening around you. You’re probably even feeling detached from yourself because you’re still trying to figure out your place in the world.

So, let’s start by taking a deep breath! Pause for a few seconds, take a step back, and truly reflect on yourself. The feelings of anxiety that hover in your mind will start to dissipate once you learn to make peace with yourself and take control of your thoughts.

I understand that the uncertainty of discovering self is intimidating and can make anyone anxious, but finding out who you are is a life-long journey, and you don’t have to be alone because I’m here to help.

What Is Your Story?

To find out your inner self, it’s necessary to connect to your past and find valuable insights about your life.

Why are you the way you are today? What are the factors that have shaped your personality? Why do you think the way you do?

Your emotional response to certain situations may be related to your past rather than your current situation. Knowing your own story inside out will give you control over who you really are. Many studies prove that being aware of our life stories can positively affect our psychological well-being.

Correspondingly, your past may even be holding you back from making certain decisions. I believe that we can break the self-destructive patterns once we make peace with our past and understand that it is no longer relevant.

The moment you reflect back on your story, you figure out your strengths and weaknesses. It is time to use this to your advantage and find your real purpose.

Free Yourself

You are independent, and you are free.

Unless and until you become independent and start relying on yourself, you will never truly feel free. Many people struggle to find themselves because they heavily depend on the opinions of others. I recommend differentiating yourself from others to break toxic internalized processes. Try to let go of what others think and develop your values and beliefs. This will help you shape your own reality as you find your inner self and bring balance to your life.

The Win System

Your experiences, thoughts, and feelings shape who you are, and it is essential to think about these aspects of your life critically. Your goal should be to stop the negative emotions and replace them with positive strategies and solutions.

The way I practice mental toughness is through “The Win System.” It is my way of helping people think and reflect on their lives. I recommend fully experiencing each emotion. If you’re feeling angry, let those feelings flow but still take a moment to make rational decisions.

Always remember that the way you act will define who you really are. It is vital to be self-assertive. Know your worth rather than being dependent on others; however, treat others will respect and seek equality in your relationships. Be kind but make sure that nobody is overstepping your established boundaries.

I always teach my clients to take risks and explore new ideas to open new doors for themselves. That voice inside of you has the power to guide you to places that you can never imagine. It is time to recognize your inner strength because it can shape your perception of yourself and others around you.

Happy searching!