Dates for Mates

Take a break from your mundane, everyday routine, and spend quality time with your significant other!

With time, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily hustle of your life. You can become super occupied and forget to treat your partner with the love and attention they deserve. Veer off the path of becoming a boring couple who doesn’t indulge in an exciting time with each other anymore. All you need is some quality time with the love of your life, a deep-meaningful conversation, and a beautiful, romantic date to fix it all!

Ms. Hitch brings you a great range of ideas to make the most ordinary dates full of love, romance, and excitement! Want to go on a fun date on a budget but don’t wanna deal with all the planning hassle? If yes, then let us treat you like royalty. We will take care of all arrangements to ensure that you have a memorable night out.

Ms. Hitch meticulously plans a day with your preferences in mind to arrange a date that will push your boundaries AND make you feel great. You will spend your time doing what interests you and your better half. Let us plan this getaway so you can forget all your worldly worries and stress!

All you need to do is look fabulous and show up!

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