Makeover for Her

Ms. Hitch also offers glam makeovers that are for the women stuck in the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s fashion style. Ms. Hitch creates different looks for women that haven’t changed their look from day one, two, or three by asking him personally what he’s looking for and what he wants. For example, we will introduce new nail polish colors, new lipstick colors, new hair styles, and sexy new outfits to get you out of your boring or old look.

Your man doesn’t want you to look stale and once you get a Ms. Hitch Glam Makeover you will get your youthful fresh look again. Try new look and new things based on what he’s looking for and wants to keep him always interested, intrigued, and lusting after you. Don’t stay stuck in the past and continue to evolve with him. Our glam team will come in and ensure that you stay young looking fresh and new because remember things that are new will get old including you.

Get Hitched

Ms. Hitch would love to help you with a complete makeover. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a meetup, contact at 855. MsHitch or use the convenient form below.