Our Matchmaking Process

Ms. Hitch the Celebrity Matchmakers, genuinely care and make it all about you, so we have created the world’s most effective, authentic face to face and match making and service to cater to your personal needs based on what you want, like, and dislike. We match the right mind sets together. Ms. Hitch will meet with you individually to determine what your needs, interests and desires are for your significant other. Our matchmaking search is personally customized, confidential and focused on you personally. We have created simple, easy, and fun techniques that will help you find your exact match, so kick back, relax, and let Ms. Hitch will do all the work in finding you your Exact Match!

Step 1: Registration

Simply register on our website to begin the process. Ms. Hitch or a member from the Ms. Hitch team will call you within 24 hours to give you our personal touch.

Step 2: Intake

A one on one meeting with your matchmaker to fully analyze your wants, needs, and desires because it’s all about you and what you want.

Step 3: Consultation

Working with Ms. Hitch will motivate you and set you up for Matchmaking success.

Step 4: Matchmaking

We carefully search our profiles to find you your exact match. After each date you will share your experience with Ms. Hitch or a member from her team to evaluate your match in detail.