We tend to feel countless emotions daily – happiness, anxiety, excitement but sadness is an emotion that’s relatively difficult to deal with. A person can feel sad for various reasons, such as losing a loved one, disappointment with an office project, hopelessness about the political reality or any other difficult life situation.

While sadness and depression can coexist, not every sad feeling can be categorized as depression.

Depression is a term that is often misused and has been misjudged for a long time. We can’t chalk up a typical sad day or feelings of sorrow under depression.

Depression is a mental health disorder caused by excessive and constant regret. It makes an individual feel lost with no interest in life or the activities they used to enjoy. Feeling sad is a familiar experience because we often feel devastated and helpless when life seems dark and difficult. These feelings disappear within a few days as we lift ourselves and come to terms with the circumstances. However, the trouble starts when the feeling is prolonged for weeks and months, impairing our social, professional, and personal lives.

Sadness is a fleeting feeling, while depression is a mental illness. One in three people experience a significant depressive phase at some stage in life, but all three can feel sad regularly.

Symptoms of Depression

Depression tends to demotivate and discourage you from getting better and seeking help that would allow you to begin the journey of your recovery. Low self-esteem, lack of energy and motivation, and dwelling in sadness are common symptoms of depression. It is challenging for an individual to force themselves out of the depressed state. It may feel like you’re stuck in a room, and there’s no key, window or even a door.

It’s essential to understand that there’s always a way out if we look for it.

Dealing With Depression

Depression is a treatable disorder, and anyone can overcome it. The first step is to acknowledge and not deny it. Only you can push yourselves and seek professional help.

Visiting a mental health expert or a professional is the right way to treat depression. While many people are forced to deal with it on their own, without a support system, you should seek help if you can afford to.

Professionals deal with numerous cases of depression and can expertly guide you through the treatment process.

Make the change you need to for a happier, healthier and hopeful life. Make your happiness a priority and battle your demons to feel the inner peace in its true, actual form.